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Miss Download Reviews SkiniTunes
Miss Download Review
PCWorld Reviewed
Rated 4.5 stars at SnapFiles
"4.5 Star Rating"
Softonic - Rated Outstanding
SkiniTunes Feature Comparison
Basic Pro
General Features FREE $4.99
   User Defined Skins
   Skinnable Interface
   Multiple Monitor Support
   Launch iTunes® Playlists
   Apply iTunes® EQ Presets
   SkiniTunes Logo on Album Artwork
   User Selectable Default Album Artwork  
   Sleep Timer  
   Window Effects  
Mini Player Features
   Display Album Artwork
   Free Placement
   Scrolling Track / Artist / Album Information
   Time Elapsed / Remaining / Total
   Always on Top
   Auto Hide
   Track Rating
   Adjustable Transparency
Skini Player Features
   Free Placement or Align to Screen 1
   Scrolling Album / Track / Time Elapsed / Remaining
   Always on Top
   Auto Hide
   Adjustable Transparency
Pop-Up Features
   Display Album Artwork
   User Selectable Pop-Up Locations 1
   Track / Album / Artist Information
   Track Rating
   Adjustable Transparency
Global Hotkeys
   iTunes® Control: Play, Pause, Stop, Next Track, Previous Track, more...
   SkiniTunes Control: Mini Player, Skini Player, Pop Up, Lyrics, more...  
   Multimedia Keyboard Support: Play / Pause / Stop / Track / Next 3  
   Display Album Artwork
   Download Lyrics from the Internet 2  
   Save Downloaded Lyrics to iTunes® Library  
Current Track Information
   Display Album Artwork
   Artist, Track, Album, Media Type, File Size, more...
   Location File in Windows Explorer 
Web Integration
   Display Track Information on your Webpage (Facebook, Myspace, Blog, etc) 
Windows Live Messenger Integration
   Change Display Picture to Current Album Artwork
1 Supports Multiple Monitors. 6 locations per monitor. Upper Left, Middle, Right, Lower Left, Middle, Right.
2 Downloading lyrics requires an active internet connection. Lyrics are provided by Flavio González Vázquez and LYRDB. and/or any of it's affiliated companies are not responsible for the quality or accuracy of the content provided by Flavio González Vázquez and LYRDB. Additionally we cannot guarantee the availability of their services. By using the lyric services provided by Flavio González Vázquez and LYRDB you agree to abide by their terms of use. Additional information is available from the following link:
3 Not compatible with some 3rd party keyboard software.
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