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SkiniTunes Pro
Go Pro and unlock the full potential of SkiniTunes. You will enjoy all of the Basic features and the following additional features.
Lyrics  top ▲
SkiniTunes Pro allows you to download lyrics from the Internet and save them to your iTunes Library. Downloaded lyrics can even be synced to your iPod® or iPhone®!1

New Feature! SkiniTunes Pro can now download lyrics for many online radio stations!
Global Hotkeys  top ▲
Have you ever wanted to change the song without having to switch back to iTunes®? Now you can! With Global Hotkeys, you can control over 20 functions with simple keystrokes from within any application.
Remove SkiniTunes Logo from Album Artwork  top ▲
Go Pro and our logo will no longer show up on your Album Artwork. Another great feature is the ability to set your own default art work when none is available!
Sleep Timer  top ▲
Use SkiniTunes to put you to bed with a configurable sleep timer for up to two hours.
Window Effects  top ▲
Adjust the transparency of the SkiniTunes player and pop-up windows. If you’re running Windows Vista, you will definitely enjoy the Aero glass effects.
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1 Downloading lyrics requires an active internet connection. Lyrics that are displayed from online radio stations are not saved to your iTunes library. Lyrics that are downloaded for tracks that reside in your iTunes library can be downloaded and saved to your iTunes library. Lyrics are provided by Flavio González Vázquez and LYRDB. and/or any of it's affiliated companies are not responsible for the quality or accuracy of the content provided by Flavio González Vázquez and LYRDB. Additionally we cannot guarantee the availability of their services. By using the lyric services provided by Flavio González Vázquez and LYRDB you agree to abide by their terms of use. Additional information is available from the following link:
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