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Miss Download Review
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Rated 4.5 stars at SnapFiles
"4.5 Star Rating"
Softonic - Rated Outstanding
SkiniTunes Basic
Customize iTunes® with your own unique skins or download popular ones from other creative minds. SkiniTunes is also packed with additional stylish features and functionality.

Mini Player  top ▲
Run iTunes® from a flashy and compact player. Place it anywhere on your screen, skin it, rate your songs, and dance your night away!    more...
Skini Player  top ▲
“Slim, slick, and extremely cool!” is how one user described it. When screen space is an issue, you’re one click away from enabling SkiniPlayer. Small enough to house the basic music controls and track information, this player ensures you have the most space available on your screen.    more...
Track Popup  top ▲
On each track change you are welcomed with the Track Pop-up window. This compact skinnable window displays the current track and rating information. Like the song that’s playing? Rate it on the fly!    more...
Lyrics & Track Information  top ▲

Detailed track information is only a click away.

SkiniTunes Basic will even display lyrics from your iTunes® library. If you want to automatically download lyrics from the internet, go PRO now!    more...
Track Rating  top ▲
Rate on the fly! Don't worry about having to switch back to iTunes®. Rate your track in the Popup or Mini Player, it's that easy!    more...
Live Messenger Integration  top ▲
Show off to your Windows Live Messenger buddies what you are jammin’ to by displaying the current track’s album artwork as your display picture. Whenever the track changes, your display picture will change automatically!    more...
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