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Hawaiian Sunset Featured!
Created By: McNasty
Category: Travel
Uploaded: 3/5/2009
Downloads: 1,109
Description: Sit back, relax, grab a Mai Tai and gaze at the beautiful sunset.
Staff Review
Staff Rating: 
A warm and colorful skin that really does make you feel like your on a beach in Hawaii. 4 stars!!
Community Reviews
Overall Rating: 
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So chill...I leave this one up more than any of the other skins I've downloaded
Reviewed By: aiden20 on 4/4/2009 
Now I can stare at the sun without burning my eyes, great skin.
Reviewed By: noodles1988 on 4/1/2009 
Wow I could stare at this all day long!
Reviewed By: heartbeyonce on 3/19/2009 
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